Hand Made Textile Bags from Gergely Family

The use of plastic bags by Cutia Taranului producers seems to be a popular subject of conversation. It is something we want to see improved throughout Cutia Taranului.

A few months ago Gergely family decided to do something about it. They made (hand-made) at their own expense of material and work (at no cost to members) textile bags and started delivering their produce in them. We applauded their initiative.

A few weeks ago Eniko and Janos shared with us what has happened since. Some members forgot about the bags, lost them … and did not return them for reuse. So Eniko and Janos made replacement bags … and those also disappeared. For some members they were making bags for the 3rd or 4th time. They were finding themselves continuously making bags to keep up with members who lose bags. Now they informed us that they are making a 5th around of bags and that they can’t continue to do this.

So where does that leave us?

  • Do „we” as a group (in this case the group of members of this specific box) REALLY care about plastic and recycling?
  • Do „we” care a little bit, but aren’t REALLY willing to put effort into it? In which case what does „caring”mean?
  • Are the who people speak out about this a small minority who really care? Do the rest of the people not care? (And given the nature of social media I wonder if those who speak out really do care or are they finding satisfaction through speaking?)
  • Can we encourage people to act more responsibly? If so how?

What would you do in this situation?

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