About the Waiting List

When we started Cutia Taranului (~5 years ago) it was a simple website with one producer. We did not know if it would work, if people would respond to a vague invitation such as „fresh vegetables for a family of 3-4 people”. People did and the first box filled up very quickly. Within a couple of days the box was full and there were still many people interested.

The project was just getting started and we did not have any information tools (we were managing a list of members in a manual spreadsheet). We did not want to take on additional administrative responsibility of managing a waiting list. We responded to people by suggesting they stay in touch by looking at the website and at the Facebook page where we would announce if and when places became available.

We were not prepared for the response that we got. We started getting emails from people practically begging us to put us on a waiting list. So when we got around to building an information system to support the project, a waiting list was added. Since then that waiting list, that we did not want to be responsible for, has continuously grown.

Before saying more about the waiting list and how it works we want to acknowledge and express our appreciation for you, the people who have joined the waiting list. It is a gesture that warms our hearts, inspires and supports us. It tells us that you are interested in what we are trying to do. It supports us in confidently saying to new producers that there are people out there, you!, who care about them and their work and are willing to enter a long term relationship around food.

When you join a waiting list we add you to a list of of people interested in Cutia Taranului boxes in a given city (it is not for specific boxes). In an era when so much communication floods us from so many direction, we choose to communicate sparingly, to not add unnecessary noise to your already busy email inboxes. Most of the emails we send are to let you know when new boxes, or places in existing boxes become available. If places are not available you won’t hear much from us (to the point that it may seem that we are not here anymore).

However, we now find ourselves in a slightly uncomfortable situation. The demand for boxes is much larger than places that become available. So when places do become available they get taken very fast. Many times, by the time you read our messages, the places that were available when we sent the messages are all taken. When you open the links we send you and arrive at the website you see that there are no places available. We apologize if this experience confuses you, but we don’t know how to keep you informed and avoid this unpleasant confusion.

The best solution to this would be to introduce new producers and boxes. We are constantly working to reach and communicate with new producers. Until we do find new producers we need to ask for your patience and understanding (and maybe, if you can, spread the word that we are looking for new producers who may be interested in joining Cutia Taranului).

Thank you for your interest.
Thank you for helping us „create this problem”.
Thank you for your patience as we work to „solve it”.
Thank you!


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